Will has the capacity to reconfigure space – to reimagine space - in a totally new way and has the knack of accommodating whatever the client needs where others say: “That can’t be done.” He will also come up with ideas that I for one would never have thought of.


For one of my sons he hid a state-of-the-art kitchen behind an early 19th century carriage house exterior to blend with an 1815 farmhouse in Prince Edward County. For me he recreated a charming Georgian façade on a period house that had lost all its charm, and he also added a tiny formal front garden because he knew I would love it. (He’s good at reading his client and the client’s taste.)


Some designers’ work is easily discernable because it tends to be formulaic. With Will no two designs are ever the same. He is interested in large and small projects and will work within large and (thankfully) small budgets. Will is a gifted designer.

I loved working with Will Ryan. He has impeccable taste. He listens extremely well, pays attention to budgets and is prompt. His ability to marry old and new is extraordinary and he has also designed gardens for me to complement the additions to the houses. His eye for colour is stunning and is always right. I have saved myself from making expensive mistakes by calling on him and am grateful that I did.


What we especially admire about Will is his ability to design innovative solutions to fit our requirements, incorporating this into working drawings of the construction particulars, while including interior and exterior design details. What you might call great one-stop shopping. This provides Will’s clients with a worry free, hassle free experience – a real bonus that anyone who has ever tried a building or decoration project can appreciate!


In 1998 Will designed a new home for us in Grandvillard, Switzerland. It was a beautiful design that mirrored the look of traditional farmhouses in our alpine village, while at the same time incorporating all of the amenities a modern architecture affords. This was a very successful project, widely admired, including by those who at first glance assume we had done a marvellous job of renovating a 300 year-old farmhouse!